10x4.7 Propeller for 3D printing and mould cavities in STL format.

DroneTeam Propeller Mould STL format: download file

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Find two propellers in STL, STEP, IGES,Parasolid and Siemens NX12 formats

Propeller DroneTeam. Some formats: download file

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Digitalised in a 3D Scanner a propeller, obtaining a STL format to work in CAD system to obtain the part you need for 3D printing. You can modify pitch or other parameters to define your own propellers.

Propeller DroneTeam for Reverse Engineering in STL format: download file

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Find the DroneTeam logo for print in 3D in STL, STEP, IGES, Parasolid and Siemens NX12 formats. Also working in CNC for engraving DroneTeam logo.

Video: https://www.facebook.com/droneteamproject/videos/635246679969690/ 

Logo DroneTeam 3D: download file

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Source code and tutorials for remote control of drones by Tomasz Kądziołka Poland

Presentation Remote Control – the first part - file pdf

Presentation Remote Control - the second part - file pdf

Link to the repository with the application code:


Link to the repository with code for tile electronics ESP32:


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Files for DroneTeam VR Simulator for Drone Race. We use HTC Vive.

See this video: https://youtu.be/VBy0F_8Y22s

VR DroneTeam Simulator: download file


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AR DroneTeam APP for Android devices. With Augmented Reality. You need to focus the DroneTeam Logo. Drone is flying and you can link to the project website or view a video about DroneTeam Project Consortium.

AR DroneTeam app: download file

Or Download from Google Play:


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Using Wind Tunnel for studing aerodynamics.

Work hypothesis to check in a wind tunnel created by students in a school laboratory. Measurements and results are collected in a webpage. In Slovenian and English. Link: http://www2.arnes.si/~sssknm4/vetrovnik2_ang/jango/theme/dron.html
Wind Tunnel Construction: http://lab-vetrovnik.si/ (only in Slovenian) 

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Learn the vocabulary you will need to know the drone world.

Find in English and the equivalences in Spanish, Croatian, Polish and Slovenian.

DroneTeam Glossary in Excel file: download file

DroneTeam Glossary in pdf file: download file

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