The 4th Transnational Meeting of Droneteam Project held in Slovenia with a perfect organization of Šolski center Krško-Sevnica. In this meeting we are assembling components of advanced drone and we continue learning about drones. 29th to 30th September 2016.

Video summary:

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DroneTeam Logo magnets. Developed by Šolski center Krško-Sevnica, using a CNC machine. Ready as souvenir for 4th Transnational meeting and for Tehnogenij Fair.


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Making souvenir, a Drone team soap... by Šolski center Krško-Sevnica

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Droneteam Project. Mini-drone assembled by AIJU and ready for testing in wind tunnel. Next week in Šolski center Krško-Sevnica (Slovenia) will start the tests. (1 September 2016)

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Evolution of basic drone to advanced drone in Droneteam project. Improving the drone. Adding barometer, altimeter, GPS, telemetry and battery monitoring, flight controller APM 2.6. and working on mission planner, open source software. AIJU is testing. In next DroneTeam Transnational Meeting, AIJU will teach project partners.

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Article about Drone team project in ŠC Krško-Sevnica newspaper GPS. Slovenia (25 July 2016)

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3rd Transnational Meeting of Droneteam Project in Zabrze (Poland). 27th - 28th June 2016.

Summary Video:

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Students of IES la Foia testing and piloting drones. June 2016. Video:

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