Conference will be held in Krško on 7th October at 9am in conference hall of Institut of energetics, Vrbina 18, 8270 Krško (next to GEN). International konference is multiplier event of Erasmus+ KA2 project Making and designing toy drone through multidisciplinary collaborative…

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6th Transnational Meeting of DroneTeam Project. Organised by Šolski center Krško-Sevnica Slovenia (5-6 October 2017).

Video summary:

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Dissemination activitiy on ŠC KRŠKO-SEVNICA. Presentation of Drone team project for our guests in Erasmus + KA3 project Master5 from the Chamber of Craft and Small bussines of Krsko, Obrtnička komora Zagreb, Croatia and Serbia, Municipality of Krsko, office member of European Parliament Franc Bogovič and others...

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DroneTeam Project is on Celjski sejem d.d.on the International craft Fair MOS 2017 (from 12 – 17 September 2017) –Slovenia.

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App with Augmented Reality to promote the DroneTeam project. Developed by AIJU (1 June 2017). Focusing on the project logo a drone appears flying over. Two buttons link to the official website of the project and an introductory


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First Advanced Drone flying with FPV by IES La Foia. After completing the assembly of last components related to First Person View, the advanced drone is tested in Sisak (Croatia).


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Teachers learn how to assembly drones. Školarci uče kako da sami naprave dron i programiraju njegov let. Press release with Authorities. 24 May 2017)

Link (in Croatian):

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5th Transnational Meeting of Droneteam Project held in Sisak (Croatia) with Tehnička škola Sisak as meeting organizing partner. In this meeting we learn and assembly the last components of advanced drone: FPV (First Person View) and Telemetry systems. 22-23 May 2017.

Video summary:

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