6 Juny 2016. Today in Zs10 Zabrze there was a dissemination conference of the Drone Team Project. We had a pleasure to host the Head of Education Department of the City Council in Zabrze, the town councillor, methodology advisor and the tutor for the Silesian University of Technology, who presented the activities of the Scientific Organisation 'High Flyers'. That organisation deals with all the issues connected with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, designing, programming and operation.

We also presented the Drone Team project, together with its goals and tasks planned for the future. Dr. ENG. Roman Czyba gave a lecture on the possibility of using drones in civil applications. Maciej Galeja, Charles Hanke and Charles Kreihs of HF explained their experience. The security aspects and the legal provisions for the use of airspace were presented by Mr. Michał Hecel (ZS10). Ms. Małgorzata Jurczyk, coordinator of the international DroneTeam project at ZS10, presented the objectives and activities of this Erasmus + project.